Teamwork and Engagement

The most productive teams have a tight communication network which increases cohesion among team members.

Sparse communication networks can be an indicator of potential problems with employee engagement. This will often impact commitment and performance of employees.

Large nodes of centrality can indicate uneven knowledge distribution and worth understanding from a team work and cohesion perspective.

It has been shown that leaders do in fact have different behavior, and tend to have the broadest networks.

Collaboration and Delivery

Understanding your communication network can help to identify points of centrality which can cause bottlenecks and delays.

Uncovering gaps in your communication network can help to avoid information drops which can cause waste in product delivery.

Organizations can support their informal communication networks by standardizing cross functional teams.

Diversity and Inclusion

Measure the effectiveness of your programs by ensuring that integration and inclusion increases throughout your organization.

Employees that are tightly integrated with teams and management have longer tenures. Ensure that employees are being actively integrated and included into the organization.

Longer cycles of integration create a lack of engagement with new enthusiastic employees.  It creates a loss of new ideas.

Workload Assessment

Ensure that your organization encourages employees to attain work-life balance by understanding how much time employees truly spend working.

Help uncover parts of the organization that may need relief and increased budget.

Ensure your employees can accomplish their work by measuring a digital day.  Help manage your organization to allow for true work-life.

Space Planning

Casual interactions can impact performance and problem solving.

They increase exposure to diverse information.

The proximity of teams that work together often will impact the speed of communication and delivery.

Designing spaces for break out meetings is crucial and cuts down on formal meetings.

It also increases team cohesion and helps to reduce risk to delivery.

Management time with staff has been linked to team engagement and goal clarity.

Learn what environment tend to increase knowledge transfer and prevent knowledge silos.

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